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How to keep Strawberries fresh

Here's how to keep your strawberries fresher for longer. I tested this out for weeks and really noticed a difference when I switched up my plastic container to a glass one. 

My strawberries stay fresher for much longer and stayed fresh well over a week sometimes even close to 2 weeks. Which as we all know it's hard to keep your produce fresh these days! 

Now you can do this in a Mason Jar but I find while they do stay fresh sometimes the bottom ones may get a little squishy since they have the weight of the other strawberries on top. 

🍓 Take your strawberries out of the container they come in straight away before putting them in the fridge 
🍓 Pop them into an airtight glass container

That’s it 😍

Now I don’t pre-wash my fruit and don’t pre-wash the strawberries. Depending on who you ask some people think it’s better to wash it before you store it and some think after. 

Personally I think it's better to wash it before you eat it not before you pop it in a container I find it lasts longer. But that’s just me and if you like to wash your fruit first then by all means you can do. 

I’ve definitely noticed the difference using this method 😍

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