Crumpets - Bake it by Giovannellis


These delicious homemade crumpets will absolutely become a family favourite in your home. They are much easier to make then you would expect and are something the kids can help you create.  

150g plain flour
200ml lukewarm water
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp white sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp of yeast (dry
1 tbsp warm water

  • Mix your Flour, Salt and 200ml of water in a mixer for about 1-2 min until its combined & smooth
  • While it’s mixing add the yeast to tbsp of water in a separate cup or bowl (something small) & give that a good mix till its dissolved
  • Add the yeast, sugar & baking powder into your mixing bowl and continue to mix for about 30 secs making sure you scrape the sides at least once
  • Cover with a towel and tie the towel so it's sealed, leave for about 30-45 mins somewhere warm. Mine was 45 but it’s cooler here so it will likely if you have it next to a fire or it’s summer
  • Once you have lots of lovely bubbles on top it's ready 😍
  • Grease your pan and egg rings with a little butter
  • Start heating the pan on medium whilst you add your rings and mixture
  • Fill the rings about 3/4 max full of mixture (don’t overfill it otherwise it will overflow) reduce the temp to lower heat for them to cook
  • Cook until all the bubbles have popped and the top is pretty much dry, you can pop the last couple of bubbles with a fork
  • Flip it over just to brown the top & your done!
  • Eat straight away or toast them lightly later
Store these in an airtight container once cooled completely & freeze them for up to 4 months. 
They are perfect toasted for your morning breakfast or a quick snack 
You can purchase the Egg Rings from your local supermarket, they are on a few $ each 
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