Subscription Boxes



 Our first ever subscription boxes launched in September 2021, but if you missed out on joining our subscription you can sign up to our waitlist below to be the first to know when we are launching again in February 2022! 

 So, what will be in the boxes you ask? 

 It will be a surprise theme each month, so you not only get an awesome delivery, but you also get the excitement and anticipation of what it is. It's like Christmas every month! 

A different mix from the month prior so you can try them all. You will get all our new mixes to try, sometimes before anyone else and exclusive mixes just for subscribers.

All the tools you need, for example a Birthday Box Theme would have your Full-Size Cupcake Baking Mix, Icing, Piping Bag, Metal Piping Tip (so you can reuse), Sprinkles or Glitters and Cupcake Liners. Plus, an additional little surprise each month! 

You get an exclusive VIDEO each month of how to prepare the boxes! That’s right an actual Video, not just an instruction card or picture, which is priceless! You can watch me making it before you make your goodies or whilst making it, not just for a limited time!

What kid doesn't love watching videos? You can make a cuppa, pop your video on and enjoy watching together. Then head into the kitchen to get your bake on and make some memories.

But don’t worry the packs will be like all our mixes, accessible and easy to achieve, not just for the pros. You will get to learn some new tricks, but you will be able to achieve it.

If you do have any questions you will have access to email and message me through social media. I’m always happy to help with baking questions 😊.

It’s such an amazing activity for kids to get and will teach them some great skills while creating lasting memories. But you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these boxes they are perfect for adults alike! 

Our subscribers will get exclusive offers throughout the year on our baking mixes that will not be available to non-subscribers

You get to create special treats without the effort or expense of buying all the ingredients (that then go off) or tools! Which if you have ever tried to recreate a cake you know can be a pricey exercise!




  •  A differently themed box each month with everything you need to create your baked goods including a different baking mix from the month prior so you will get to try them all!
  • All the equipment you need to make your creation, e.g. full sized baking mix with instructions, icing, metal piping tip (not plastic), piping bag, sprinkles, cupcake liners etc
  • Exclusive Baking Mixes – you will get all our new mixes that may not have been released yet or won’t be release to the public they are exclusively for our subscription boxes
  • How to VIDEO! Not just instructions but an actual video on how to prepare your goodies
  • Learning how to make different creations each month
  • Access to me to ask any baking questions you may have via email or socials 
  • Extra little gifts in your boxes each month, who doesn't love a surprise gift
  • Exclusive surprise VIP discounts throughout the year not available to non-subscribers
  • Includes all postage costs
  • No lock in contracts – cancel by 2nd of month prior


  • You get everything in the monthly box plus all the below extra bonuses
  • 1 full month FREE - value of $58.75
  • An extra special Gift sent throughout the year only for annual subscribers valued at $50.00 




 *please note image of subscription box is an example only and colours, variations will change but value will always remain the same. This is our founding member launch and prices these are subject to change for future launches