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Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits

Who doesn't love the absolute classic Aussie Anzac Biscuit! 

These are light and delicious with all the classic Anzac Biscuit Flavours and perfectly balanced and not too sweet.

They are a deliciously soft texture that the whole family will love & are a great addition to your kids lunchboxes over the Easter season. 

You can make them a little thicker and softer or push them down a little more to get the thinner version, it's totally up to you. 

You can also choose to use either maple syrup or golden syrup to make these yummy biscuits. Our favourite is to use Maple Syrup! Yum!

Super easy to make, you only need a few added ingredients to mix these delicious biscuits easily, no mixer is needed here just a bowl and a tiny bit of elbow grease 

Our Anzac Biscuits are apart of of our seasonal range of baking mixes and only around for a short time or until sold out. 

All you need to add: 

Anzac Biscuits:

60g Unsalted Butter just melted 

50g of Maple or Golden Syrup 

1 Tsp of water 

 *Only available until Anzac Day or unless sold out prior 

What do I need to add?

All you need to add: 

60g Unsalted Butter just melted 

50g of Maple or Golden Syrup 

1 Tsp of water 

Do I need a stand mixer?

Nope no mixer is required, just a bowl and spoon for these

What's the shelf life

Our baking mixes have a best before date of 6 months when stored in a cool dry place like a pantry. All mixes come sealed for freshness, to ensure you keep the freshness keep them sealed until your ready to bake them


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