About Us

Bake it by Giovannelli’s was born out of a love of all things cooking but especially baking. Baking is such a joyous activity and one that most of us have great memories of. It might be baking with a parent or grandparents as a child or trying a cake for the first time and to your surprise it works out and feeling such a sense of achievement. It is the joy you feel when you are surrounded by people you love sharing food and laughter, it is the smile on someone’s face when you bring them a cupcake into work. The excitement a child has when there is birthday cake, I mean who doesn't love birthday cake right. As one of my little munchkins says, it isn't a party without a cake. 

This is what Bake it by Giovannelli’s is all about, the joy of baking and bringing baking into the lives of the everyday individual. We aren't all avid bakers that can easily whip up a batch of cookies or brownies with ease or maybe you are but, you are now a busy parent and don't have the time that you once did to bake and cook like a pro. This is where our mixes come in, they are easy to use but still give you the taste of delicious home baked goodies without all the added nasties. You get the benefits of baking from scratch without all the hard work, simply add a few ingredients in with our mixes and you will be on your way to a delicious smelling home and some beautiful baking memories.