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How to roll out your cookie dough without adding in extra flour

Rolling out your cookie dough like Shortbread or Gingerbread can sometimes seem like a huge task or a sticky one that ends up with flour all over the bench or cookie dough stuck to your hands and bench tops. 

But I have the perfect Cookie Dough Hack for you so that none of that happens and making cookies becomes a breeze. This is exactly what I explain in the instructions that come with our Shortbread, Gingerbread and Cinnamon Shortbread Cookies Baking Mixes. 

  • Get 2 large pieces of baking paper, pop one onto the bench and place your dough in the middle of it 
  • Place the second piece of baking paper on top, if your dough is a ball shape you can press it down with your hands first and then use a rolling pin to roll out your dough in-between the 2 pieces. You can pop a flat tea towel or non slip silicone mat works best under the bottom piece of baking paper and your bench if its sliding on your bench too much
  • Roll one direction and then turn the paper/dough to roll another direction, repeat this step so it makes it even and easier to roll out. Don’t let it go past the edges of the baking paper otherwise it will dry out in the fridge. 
  • Roll it out to an even approx. 4mm thickness
  • Once it is rolled out I fold the edges of the baking paper so it covers the cookie dough
  • Pop it into the fridge for the required time to harden back up 
  • Once it is ready you can take it out, peel off the baking paper completely off the front and peel off the back but leave the cookie dough on it so you can cut the shapes out on top of it. Then cut the shapes and bake them right away
  • I even reuse the baking paper to bake my cookies on so it's never wasted 

The reason I always recommend to do this is because 1 you don't need to add any extra flour to your cookie dough or get it all over the bench, the cookie dough doesn't stick to the baking paper and comes off easily. 

But it also means you are not trying to roll out hard cookie dough. If you have ever followed a recipe that tells you to wrap the cookie dough and pop it into the fridge then take it out to roll, then you probably know how hard it can be once it hardens back up. This was you don't have to worry about that, you have perfectly rolled cookie dough that is flat and ready to be cut and baked. 

It saves you soooo much time and effort. 

You can check out my reel here on how to do this method here. 

Any questions let me know, you can shoot me a DM or email I am always happy to chat, especially baking! 


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