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Why you need to let cookies cool

Letting Choc Chip Cookies cool is undeniably the most challenging part, and you might be wondering why bother when they taste amazing straight from the oven?

Indeed, freshly baked cookies are incredibly tempting, but there is a valid reason behind our advice to wait and let them cool.

Right after you take the cookies out of the oven, they are exceptionally soft and haven't fully set yet. If you were to cut open a cookie at this stage, you would notice a moist or undercooked appearance in the center.

However, as they cool down, they firm up and complete their transformation into exquisitely delightful cookies. Rest assured, even after they have hardened, the centers will retain their irresistibly soft and delicious texture.

To better understand this process, we have a video available that demonstrates what we mean. You can click here to watch it 

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