Christmas Brownie Wreath - Bake it by Giovannellis

Christmas Brownie Wreath

A delicious yet beautiful center piece for your Christmas table made easy using our Brownie Baking Mix

Everyone always loves our brownie wreath when we share it and we can understand why, it's super festive and cute, but super easy to make. But the best part is you can personalise it however you like. 

You can also watch how to make this here

So how do you make this showstopper? 

What you need: 

How to make it: 

  • Follow the instructions on your Bake it by Giovannellis Brownies mix and let your brownies cool down before using them 
  • Cut as per the instruction card and arrange around in a circle. I use a cake stand but you can use any flat and round plate or board you have 
  • Add your marshmallows in-between the brownies at the top where there is a gap, 1 in-between each brownie 
  • Add the M&Ms in alternating colours in a triangle in the middle top of the brownie 
  • Pop a raspberry sitting where the brownies meet at the bottom, this covers the little gap between them 
  • Arrange some fruit in the center around in the same circle 

That's it you have a beautiful brownie wreath ready to go for all your Christmas Events. 

You can recreate this using our delicious Brownie Mix and serve with some delicious vanilla ice-cream 

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