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Bake it by Giovannellis

Shortbread Cookies Baking Mix

Shortbread Cookies Baking Mix

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Shortbread is a classic and for good reason

It's that perfectly balanced cookie that isn't too sweet and has just the right amount of crunch while still being soft enough to enjoy. 

They go perfectly dunked into your cuppa for an afternoon delight 

Our Bake it by Giovannellis Shortbread baking mix mixes up perfectly within few minutes in your mixer. It just takes 3 added ingredients and a bit of chill out time in the fridge and you can bake these delicious shortbread cookies, they only take about 9 minutes to bake and your house will smell absolutely delicious.

The hard part is waiting for them to cool a little before you dive in!

These delicious cookies are perfect addition to your parties or afternoon teas with friends. You can even decorate the tops with fondant, chocolate or icing to make them extra special, you can make them any design you like to pick the theme of your party or maybe just because you think dinosaur cookies are cute!


All you need to add: 

2 Large egg yolks at room temp 

150g of unsalted butter

1 tsp of vanilla essence 

Baking Mixes have a "best before" of 6 months, meaning if you order these and it's for a present from Santa on Christmas day they will still have lots of shelf life left. 

* Please note makes 19 cookies based on gingerbread man cookie cutter of 8.5cm in size

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What's the shelf life?

Our baking mixes last over 6 months when stored in a cool dry place like a pantry. All mixes come sealed for freshness, to ensure you keep the freshness keep them sealed until your ready to bake them

How hard is it to make?

All our baking mixes are created in a way that anyone can create them from Toddlers to 70 year olds that have never baked in their life! You do not need to be a professional baker or even a good one (although we are sure you are better than you think) to make our mixes. Everyone should be able to enjoy baking and creating memories and our Baking Mixes give you that opportunity, without the hassle of all the mess.