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How to freeze your baked Cupcakes

How to easily freeze your baked cupcakes so they don't get freezer burn

Freezing cupcakes can be so handy if you’ve got an event or birthday coming up you can make your cupcakes ahead of time and freeze them to save the stress of baking the day before the party. 

You can also bake a batch of cupcakes and freeze some for later or for school lunches, then you can defrost a couple at a time for when you feel like just having one. You don't need to defrost the whole batch at once. Which also helps with school lunches. 

Cupcakes are also the perfect addition to a freezer & it can actually enhance the flavour which is an added bonus.

Simply wrap your cupcakes in 2 layers of cling wrap and make sure there is no little cupcake bits poking out, otherwise they will get freezer burn. 

Then wrap in a final layer of foil and again make sure it is fully covered. 

I like to do only 1 layer of cupcakes and if I am stacking them I wrap each layer in cling wrap first to stop them sticking to each other. 

Then when you’re ready to defrost

Simply take the cupcakes out of the freezer and leave for about 10 mins still wrapped, this way the foil/cling wrap absorbs a bit of the moisture, then unwrap and leave to defrost completely

You can also pop them in the microwave to take to chill off, but don’t do this if your going to ice them as it will melt 🫠

These will last in the freezer for up to 3 months

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